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Public Relations & Marketing

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After studying communication, public relations, and studio art at University of Saint Francis, Larissa Whitaker moved to Fort Wayne, IN. 

Her undergraduate experiences in student affairs and communication led her to work in college admissions at Indiana Tech. 

As she advanced in her role at Indiana Tech, she collaborated on impactful marketing projects. 

Currently, she works as a Marketing Manager for Benchmark Human Services.

Get to Know IT - Indiana Tech University Guide

As a Senior Admissions Counselor at Indiana Tech, I played a key role in managing our print and digital materials.  

I led the process of consolidating multiple existing recruitment materials into one, coherent piece. Get to Know IT provides a comprehensive view of Indiana Tech for prospective students and families. 

Through the excellent efforts of our marketing team, this piece won Best in Show for Print at the 2023 Fort Wayne Advertising Honors awards. 

Click here to view. 

Email Campaign Sample - Honors Program

At Indiana Tech, I wrote a variety of drip, liquid-markup, mass email campaigns to communicate with potential students. 

Using Slate CRM, I wrote an email campaign to advertise the honors program to students entering the 2022-23 academic year. Compared to the previous year, form responses more than tripled. 

Click here to view. 

Financial Aid Materials - Indiana Tech

I led the process of making budget-conscious and student-oriented adjustments to our financial aid materials for the 2023-24 recruitment cycle. 

I sought and consolidated our team's feedback. Through a collaborative effort, our Covering the Balance one-sheet and Cost Worksheet trifold were combined into one, clear piece. 

Click here to view. 

Voice and Tone Guide - Act of Listening

As Creative Director of the Act of Listening podcast, formerly titled Bridging the Gap, I wrote a voice and tone guide to focus the project. 

Click here to view. 

Voice Guide - Personal Brand

As a creative exercise, I wrote a voice guide to capture the Larissa Whitaker professional brand. 

Click here to view. 

Slide Deck - Strategic Media Writing Presentation

In spring 2023, I was a guest speaker for a University of Saint Francis Strategic Media Writing class session. I wrote a presentation to help students understand the value of writing. 


 Click here to view. 

Slide Deck - Indiana Tech Admissions Presentation

From recruitment travel to large group tours, I am always ready to give an informative, engaging presentation to prospective students and families. I created this PowerPoint. 


 Click here to view. 

Photo Description - Sensing Beauty Art Exhibition

Sensing Beauty was a student-led art exhibition made for audiences with disabilities. As a team, photography and public relations students created artwork and wrote descriptions to make a gallery experience accessible to people with visual disabilities. I wrote the copy for this photo description.


 Click here to view. 

Adobe InDesign Flyer

As the Communication & Design Intern at Greater Fort Wayne (GFW) Inc., I designed a variety of flyers for the Employing People with Disabilities Initiative housed at GFW Inc. This flyer gives the reader an overview of the program, its results, and its partnering organizations.

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Adobe Illustrator Self Portrait

I have experience with a variety of programs in the Adobe Creative Suite, including Adobe Illustrator. 


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Student Task List - Act of Listening 

As Creative Director of the Act of Listening podcast, formerly titled Bridging the Gap, I wrote a production process for student workers. Step by step, the Student Task List walks through expectations and guidelines.


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Social Media Sample

As a student at University of Saint Francis (USF), I worked as the Social Media Coordinator for the USF School of Creative Arts (SOCA). In collaboration with the Student Photographer, we created a social media project to highlight SOCA students and build community. This is a sample of that project.

 Click here to view. 

Article - Input Fort Wayne

To explore the relationship between plants and mental health, I wrote an article titled "Growing Through It: How plants have helped locals survive and thrive." 

 Click here to read.

Press Release - Greater Fort Wayne Inc. 

As the Communication & Design Intern at Greater Fort Wayne (GFW) Inc., I wrote materials in alignment with the organization’s voice and style. This press release covers the ProTailored Physical Therapy expansion.


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